Why Choose Pinnacle?

At Pinnacle, we’re on a mission to make you better. That’s what we do whether you’ve come to us for therapy for a problem you don’t understand yet, or for some of the smartest performance coaching and courses around.
Proven, lasting results
We use leading-edge coaching and courses, run by some of the smartest leaders in their fields, that will stretch and challenge how you think about yourself and your work.
Leading-edge therapy and coaching
We partner with academic institutions to ensure our work is on the leading edge of psychology and neuroscience. You’ll leave our courses with practical tools and experience you can use to reach your goals.
New insights into your business
Our coaching and consultancy can help you create a work environment that inspires and energises, helps you stay on track through turbulent times and make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.
Resilience and psychological wellbeing
We can provide you with on-site workplace counselling, critical incident trauma support and psychological screening.
Created around you
Everything we do is bespoke, so we fit all our therapy around you, not you around our therapy. We work with people in high-stress environments where every minute of the day already feels accounted for: we know how precious your time is and we make sure we don’t waste a second. We’ll see you wherever and whenever you need us.
Tailored for your business
We offer everything from counselling and CBT to EMDR, hypnotherapy and more - all blended to suit you.