When a personal crisis becomes a problem in the workplace

//When a personal crisis becomes a problem in the workplace

When a personal crisis becomes a problem in the workplace

I’m sorry but I won’t be in today…

It happens; employees take time off because they feel unwell. Coughs, colds, or upset stomachs are easily spread and who wants to sit next to someone coughing and spluttering their way through the day?

In these examples, the signs of being unwell are evident, in the physical sense. The symptoms of a streaming nose and the resulting rubbish bin full of tissues are easy to spot.

However, what if the call in sick is actually masking a deeper issue? Or the employee simply doesn’t feel comfortable about the real reason they are taking time off?

“I’m having a personal crisis and I need the day off”

A personal problem can be a slightly taboo subject and, therefore, one that may not be easy to talk about. Any conversation relating to a personal issue is likely to be a rather uncomfortable discussion for all those involved.

Please leave your personal life at home

Significant events in an employee’s life, such as bereavements, strained or broken relationships, financial problems, or addiction are almost impossible to completely leave at home. They can impair concentration, creativity and productivity.

The individual may be ‘present’ in the office; they are physically sat at their desk. But their personal struggle may impact their mood and performance at work. If they aren’t performing at their best, their colleagues are likely to feel the impact. This, in turn, can damage working relationships, reduce team productivity and cause a decrease in morale.

Decreasing performance at work is your concern

At any given time, every worker is likely to face some sort of personal problem that he or she brings into the workplace. Personal problems may not be any of your business but when this causes an impact in productivity it does become your concern.

For an organisation to reach it’s true potential it needs to create strong teams, and resilient individuals, who are empowered to be the best they possibly can. By taking a proactive approach to workplace therapy, you can put a programme in place to ensure a strong sense of mind within your workforce.

Professional counselling and coaching plays an integral part in a person’s, or an organisation’s, development. With the right programme in place, you can support employees and help them back on the path to wellbeing, performance and achievement in the workplace.

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