Using Lent to make a positive change in your life

//Using Lent to make a positive change in your life

Using Lent to make a positive change in your life

When we think of Lent, most of us think about giving up something. It could be stopping bad habits like smoking or drinking too much, or perhaps giving up chocolate for Lent. Some people choose to modify their behaviour, such as stopping swearing, complaining or gossiping about other people.

However, Lent doesn’t have to be about giving up a habit or a vice. You could use this time of year to make a more positive change to your life, one that lasts longer than a few weeks. Will power alone may be enough to get you through the Lent period, but what about the rest of your life – will you take up your bad habit again as soon as Lent is over? A more permanent, sustainable lifestyle change could be a better solution.

Could therapy be the answer?

Many people consider therapy to be a very effective route to long-term positive change. It can not only help you to fix a problem or drop a bad habit, such as giving up smoking for example, but it can also set you on the path to a more successful you. Here are few examples:

  • Confidence and charisma. A lack of self-confidence is at the route of many people’s problems, from not getting that promotion at work to issues in relationships due to low self-esteem. Through a course of therapy, designed with your goals in mind, you can bring a new sense of self-confidence to many different parts of your life.
  • Feeling stressed and anxious can cause problems in all parts of your life, and it can even have caused you to take up smoking or to rely too heavily on food or drink as a comfort. Bottling up stress can cause problems with depression and anger management too. To reduce stress and make a positive long-lasting change to your life, the solution could be anger management counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or another talking therapy.
  • Eating disorders, phobias and smoking. These are all problems that have a big negative impact on your life, and making a change just for the Lent period won’t help to resolve them. An approach with far more longevity, and a better chance of success, is cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling.

This Lent, coming up on Feb 18th, why not think a little further ahead than Easter? Seize this chance to change your life for the better, in the long-term.

You don’t have to do it alone, as the expert team at Pinnacle Therapy, specialists in CBT and counselling for a wide range of issues, will be right there with you. We offer a holistic approach that is professional yet personal and tailored to you, to help you get the best results from our treatment programmes. Get in touch if you’re ready to start making steps in the right direction this Lent.

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