The Introverted Leader


The Introverted Leader

The world of business loves exuberant outgoing people. Introverts are often seen as misfits that cannot be as dynamic as the world of business itself. Introverts are shy, reclusive, sensitive and extremely mindful of confrontations. How then, can these ‘misfits’ be business leaders?

Conversely, the world of business also has this amazing quality of shattering myths and the illusion that introverted people cannot be leaders of business is one such myth that has been gloriously shattered.

Introverts have taken the business world by storm and are leading businesses to unparalleled successes. No longer are they the miscasts and misfits but the most celebrated leaders of the modern business world.

Why are Introverted leaders so successful?

Despite the negative perceptions about their personality, introverts have some stellar leadership qualities that make them fine, and sometimes even better, leaders than their extroverted counterparts.

Introverted leaders can navigate through any complex business situation with a calm and rational mind. They are known for their meticulous planning which is crucial to business success.

Here are some reasons why introverted leaders excel at being extraordinary leaders and at leading an entire business toward its vision:

They are Great Listeners

Introverts talk less but they tend to listen more. This trait is advantageous especially when extroverts are a majority in a team. Extroverts are keener on being the center of attention and they usually tend to take over meetings. This behaviour can suppress creative voices and ideas even if often though inadvertent.

With an introvert heading a team, especially one comprised of extroverts, chances of ideas and suggestions going unnoticed are rare. Introverts love to listen. Instead of taking charge all the time, they let their team members to do the talking which can infuse valuable inputs into the discussion.

Such an open atmosphere where team members take the center stage and the leader stays in the background, alert and mindful, is more productive. Studies say extroverts can feel threatened in such an atmosphere.

They are Driven and Motivated People

The popular perception regarding introverted leaders is that they are not as motivated as their extroverted counterparts. The truth is that introverted leaders are highly driven people but the factors that drive them may not be the same as those of extroverted leaders.

Where extroverted leaders are more focused on career growth, recognition and other such ambitions, introverted leaders are driven by latent factors such as productivity, solid team morale and high quality of work. Introverted leaders are keener on achieving within their given sphere of work than they are on setting wider ambitious goals and reaching them.

They are not Careless or Rushed in their Speech and Actions

Introverted leaders are highly observant. They observe details and patterns that usually escape the radar of other people. They think things through based on their observation of obvious and not-too-obvious details. The best thing is that they do not rush into any decisions.

This tendency to observe and think through is one of the reasons why you will not see an introverted leader throwing around words carelessly. Their words and speech are well-though-out, fact-based, measured, clear and to the point.

With a typical introverted leader, a team knows what to expect and what not to. Introverts usually follow through what they say, a character that is key to building trust in a team for its leader.

They are Empathetic

Empathy is one of the most celebrated leadership traits. Introverted leaders are empathetic people by nature. Their ability for deep observation and high sensitivity empowers them to recognise others’ feelings without the other person having to say anything.

Introverted leaders can build an inclusive team because they know how to connect with every person. They can draw other introverts from their shells and extract their inputs in a meeting. They can listen to varied advice, suggestions and inputs put forth without feeling threatened.

Extremely Focused

Introverted leaders are better at maintaining their focus amidst distractions. As a result, they are better at adhering to deadlines and getting things done. This ability comes from the fact they do not allow themselves to be easily distracted. That they are motivated to maintain high standards of productivity and quality also helps them to stay focused.

They are Excellent Problem Solvers

The true measure of any leader is his or her ability to keep calm and decide with a rational mind no matter how complex or chaotic the situation at hand is.

According to scientific studies, introverts have thicker grey matter in the prefrontal cortex region of the brain than extroverts have. This region is associated with abstract thinking and decision making. This makes introverts natural problem solvers.

Complementing their ability to be rational thinkers is their natural tendency to be meticulous about details and to think things through. By employing a combination of these qualities, introverted leaders make decisions that have reduced chances of failure.

They Discourage Mediocrity

High quality of work is an introverted leader’s greatest motivator. They are not distracted from this goal at all. As they seek team members’ inputs too, any disagreement within the team with regard to output quality is heeded and incorporated if it meets project goals.

Also, introverts are known to care less about external social pressures such as client or higher management appeasement. They are keen on the bigger picture. They are committed to delivering extraordinary results, which gives them the strength to look and work beyond the pressure.

Some Famous Introverted Leaders the World has Witnessed

  • Albert Einstein – World-renowned Physicist
  • Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Founder
  • Steven Spielberg – Hollywood film maker and an influential mind revered world over
  • Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder
  • Larry Page – Google Co-Founder
  • JK Rowling – Celebrated author best known as the creator of Harry Porter
  • Warren Buffet – Business magnate and highly successful investor

Extroverts have their undeniable strengths and can make great leaders, true., but introverts are not to be neglected either. That they can be better than extroverts in complex business situations is a proven fact. It is important to recognise these leaders and create the environment they require to thrive and succeed.

It is a clever combination of introverts and extroverts that will deliver outstanding business success.

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