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  • Phobias FAQ
  • Can phobias be cured?

    You'd be pleased to know that phobias can definitely be cured. And in many cases when we apply ourselves wholeheartedly to dealing with them, they could be cured very, very quickly.

  • How many sessions will be needed to cure a phobia?

    In most cases, you'll see a difference in terms of dealing with your phobia after even just one or two sessions. In most cases, phobias can be cured in less than half a dozen sessions.

  • What are some of the most common phobias?

    Some of the most common phobias includes fear of spiders, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of trains, fear of heights, fear of flying.

  • What is a phobia?

    Phobias have their basis in the most permissive part of the brain which is millions of years old. And so often it applies inappropriate reactions to everyday social situations which can seem irrational but to the brain seem very, very real. And so an important part of phobia therapy is about getting the brain to realise that those situations are entirely safe.

  • What treatment options do you offer around phobias?

    There are a range of treatment options available to deal with phobias, the most common ones include CBT and EMDR as well as hypnotherapy. And all of those will involve some degree of what we call exposure therapy. This is where we either expose ourselves to imagery or real-life situations that have some representation of the fear that feeds the phobia. And it's really important that we do that in gradual stages so we allow the brain to get used to dealing with those, and for it we make the realisation that actually those situations are entirely safe.

  • What is the difference between fear and phobia?

    Very, very natural for us to display some degree of fear in certain situations. So for example, if you're standing at the top of a high building, it's probably understandable if you feel some degree of fear, because it's a situation which represents some level of danger. A phobia is when that fear becomes all-consuming or irrational. So for example, if we have a fear of spiders and we are constantly looking around to see if there are spiders in the room. That would be an inappropriate level of fear and would be in the realms of phobia.