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Open training courses

Rise to new heights with our face-to-face training courses.

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Originally created exclusively for the corporate market, our industry-defining training courses are now helping individuals to realise their true potential. We also offer one-to-one coaching for both Charisma and Emotional Intelligence, as an alternative or an add-on, to personalise your training and to assist in embedding your learning.

Our training courses

Charismatic individuals are exceptional, yet approachable. Communication is the key to charisma and Pinnacle has developed a single course to train you to be more charismatic. We coach you in the use of your voice and body language to hone your influencing and persuading skills and to build your mindfulness and confidence. The Charisma Masterclass develops and enhances your natural abilities to boost your personal profile.

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If you have already completed Pinnacle’s Charisma Masterclass and wish to learn the newest and most cutting-edge charismatic approaches, then this is the course for you. Covering areas such as building the highest levels of personal power and positivity, advanced vocal techniques, developing your higher purpose and strengthening your personal brand, the Charisma Masterclass Plus will equip you with the tools to create an even better version of yourself with greater consistency.

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise your own emotions as well as those of others and to use that information to guide your thinking and behaviour. The latest scientific research contends that it plays a much greater role in long term success than IQ.

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Who do we work with?

We work with anyone who strives for personal excellence. You may find that you fall into more than one of the following categories. We will address all of your specific requirements and group you together with individuals from a similar background with comparable needs.

Increase your mental fortitude to support the advancement of your business.
Optimise your personal skills to ensure career progression.
Build your confidence and interpersonal skills to meet your goals.
Experience our courses to discover their suitability for your larger scale in-house training needs (free trial places may be available, please contact us for further information).
Learn how to deal with stressful situations and challenging environments to meet business objectives.
Learn practical emotional skills to cope with the challenges of caring for loved ones or clients.
Ensure optimum charisma, body language and communication skills to enhance your professional profile.
This really opened up new thinking to help me rationalise thoughts and behaviours.
Peak Resilience attendee
It has been enlightening to apply the theories to my personal situations and issues.
Mindfulness attendee

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