Personal Excellence – How To Be Brilliant

High-level performance doesn’t just happen. And it isn’t about talent. At least, it’s not just about talent. Performance excellence is available to all of us if we’re prepared to recognise our intrinsic strengths and learn the mindset, skills and behaviours that make it happen.

At Pinnacle, we’ve made a study of what behaviours and insights create excellent performance, and in this 1-day course we’ll share a selection of foundational skills and practices with you.

You’ll be introduced to the theory behind each element of excellence, before you take part in a range of individual and group workshop activities. You’ll learn the skills of reflection which will help you to identify and take personal learning from each activity. You’ll be able to use our own unique model for ongoing personal development and apply what you learn to achieve your personal goals.

No matter your goal, age, motivation or experience, this course will help you tap into your own talent and use it to reach your goals.

  • The course comprises six sections delivered over a single day. We underpin all the practical activities with a base of scientific evidence. You’ll receive additional resources, links and further reading to support further self exploration.
  • The course will follow an agenda, but our facilitators will adapt the focus to meet the personal needs of the participants.
  • During the course you will learn practical skills and reflect on how you will use these to contribute to the development of your own personalised action plan.
  • We limit numbers to a 1:8 facilitator:delegate ratio, to ensure that participants receive a high level of personal attention and support.

The agenda shown below provides the core session content, but we always tailor courses to exactly what you need and skills & experience you may already have.

There is no course assessment, instead you will be asked to develop personal learning objectives which will form the basis for reflection at the end of the course.

For each day: What does excellence look like to you in your life? We’ll get you thinking about the nature of personal excellence; what it means in your life and work, so you can start to develop your personal learning objectives for the day.

Meet our Model for Excellence
This session introduces our own model for excellence; a framework for lifelong learning and development into which the content of the rest of the course is placed.

Get to Know Yourself
We believe that self-awareness is the cornerstone of excellence. This session starts with a practical exercise designed to help you identify your intrinsic talents, personal strengths, values, beliefs and motivation. If you need them, we may also offer you additional psychometrics you could use to explore these areas further.

Get to know the Basic Tools
We’ll introduce you to two of the basic tools in the toolkit: mindfulness and imagery. This is a practical session that will help you start to use these techniques, in part so that you’re ready and able to apply them later on in the day.

Understanding Purpose, Mission and Goals
We’ll take the insight we gained from the first session and apply it to develop a way to achieve desired outcomes. Understanding the complementary roles of mission, aspirational intent, loosely held and closely defined goals forms a theoretical basis for practical goal setting.

Equipping Yourself for the Journey
We’ll start with an exploration of mindset and the neurophysiology of learning, and start to apply mindfulness and imagery skills to your intent. You’ll start to design your own unique toolkit in relation to your goals and needs, and begin to identify the most effective ways to focus your learning and practice.

Plan for Success
The focus for this session is the development of a personal action plan applying the self-awareness, knowledge and practical techniques you’ve gained. This ensures that your plan will be robust and practical, inspiring action by being designed around your unique talents and strengths.

Reflect and Close
The day will close with a practical reflection exercise that encourages you to embed the learning and insights from the day, along with the creation of a supportive mindset and inspiring action, to implement the plan developed.

When you complete this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness
  • Be able to use practical mindfulness and imagery tools to support your personal journey
  • Understand how important it is to create a motivational framework that is unique to you
  • Be able to develop your own effective action plan, coupling your immediate goals with the power of your higher values and purpose
  • Have learned the skill of personal reflection and experienced what a powerful tool for ongoing personal development it can be
  • Have your own ongoing framework and personal action plan for success, tailored to you


The primary objective of this course is to give you the foundations of excellence on which you can build skills to support you in maximising your personal and professional growth.

We’ve put this course together based on scientific evidence and proven practical strategies from the very best high performers in the fields of business, elite sport and mission-critical roles.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore and reflect on different practical techniques, and select those most useful to your own personality and goals.

Using Pinnacle’s four-stage personal development cycle, you’ll be able to explore your unique potential, develop core skills to help you grow and harness your personal motivation to develop your own personal action plan, tailored to your personality.

There is a detailed breakdown of the course content in the Agenda section below.

Who it is for

Want to go from average to outstanding? If you’re looking to make a step change in your performance, either at work or in life, this course has been designed for you.

Date: Upon request

Tutors: Liz Clark, Jonathan Katz and Alastair Duns (read their biographies here)

Location: London (Please enquire directly about dates outside of London)

Duration: 1 day

Format: Combination of interactive teaching, discussion and practical application in small groups and pairs

Course £499
Course + 3 coaching sessions £999
Course + 6 coaching sessions £1299

Course Information: For general information about our courses, please click here


I can honestly say I have never seen these guys so engaged and enthusiastic about anything before!

Pippa Callaghan