Charisma: The Leadership Secret Overview


This masterclass is available at venues across the UK (please enquire directly about dates outside of London).

At Pinnacle Wellbeing we believe charisma plays a large part of being a successful and
transformational leader. It’s the secret ingredient to making sure that you can engage and inspire your team, stakeholders and clients.

There is a common misconception that charisma is centred around ‘charm’ – it’s much more than that. Charisma is centred around the act of building long-term sustainable relationships and the ability to create strong new ones on command. It’s the super power that captivates, engages and motivates others to maximise their potential and realise our opportunities.

We believe that charisma can be taught – to anyone. Rather than see it purely as a natural gift, we see it as a set of tangible behaviour sets that can be replicated and
integrated into our everyday selves. During this masterclass, we’ll teach you these behaviours and transform the way you communicate.

Who is this course for?

The masterclass is designed for anyone looking to transform the impact that their personal style has on those around them.

Our signature charisma masterclass is one of the leading personal effectiveness training programmes in the UK.
Created by Richard Reid, CEO of Pinnacle Wellbeing, the masterclass is hailed as a leading top personal effectiveness training course, where you can tap into and release your hidden charisma and become more successful.

Richard has helped many people – from CEOs and entrepreneurs to celebrities – to their charisma and switch it on when needed, for instance when talking to the media, performing in front of a crowd, or interacting with staff in the workplace.


  • The course comprises 8 sections delivered over a single day and it’s a combination of practical activities underpinned by a scientific evidence base. You will receive additional resources, links and further reading to support further self-exploration when you’re finished.
  • The course will follow an agenda, but our facilitators will adapt the focus to meet the personal needs of the group.
  • During the course you will learn practical skills and reflect on how you will use these to contribute to the development of your own personalised action plan.
  • We limit numbers to a 1:8 facilitator:delegate ratio to ensure that participants receive a high level of personal attention and support.

The primary objective of this course is to learn how to integrate a set of behaviours into your everyday life that will enable you to tap into and release your hidden charisma.


In every session during the day we’ll explore charisma through different topics, as well as provide practical skills to equip you with tools to apply in your everyday life and work.

The agenda below shows you core session content. The agenda shown below provides the core session content, but we always tailor courses to exactly what you need and knowledge you may already have.

Due to the nature of the course, there is no course assessment. You will be asked to develop personal learning objectives which will form the basis for reflection at the end of the course.

What will you learn?

  • Recognise your own unique inner-qualities; consciously utilise these more confidently and effectively – whether you are naturally an extrovert of introvert
  • Grow your emotional intelligence; attune to the underlying emotions and motivations of others and adapt your rapport building skills to create more ‘win-win’ situations
  • Establish a stronger personal brand; draw others to you so that they instinctively remember you and actively promote your interests
  • Demonstrate greater gravitas; master your emotions and decision-making
    Feel more authentic, purposeful and courageous; stand out from the crowd (no more ‘imposter syndrome’)
  • Develop more compelling verbal and non-verbal language; motivate and influence those around you


By the end of the masterclass you will be able to:

  • Unleash your inner, authentic selves
  • Raise your personal and professional reputation
  • Feel at the top of your game
  • Feel strong and enthusiastic inside when it counts
  • Influence with ease and gain commitment
  • Increase your happiness and psychological wellbeing
  • Inspire others
  • Feel calm – no matter what the situation

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I can honestly say I have never seen these guys so engaged and enthusiastic about anything before!

Pippa Callaghan