Becoming Your Most Authentic Self

Authenticity Course

Authenticity is about knowing yourself, taking responsibility for yourself as you are, and being able to be yourself around others, rather than feeling the need to be something that you are not.

This is underpinned by self-awareness and self-compassion and the willingness and ability to engage fully with others.

Participants will explore the elements of authenticity, starting with tools to increase self-awareness and recognise resistance when it arises. We’ll use practical work in pairs and small groups to explore the use of different perspectives to gain insight into the needs and wants that are driving demands and behaviour, and the impact of our own communication on the other person.

The course concludes with a practical session, dissecting the skills of effective listening and assertive responding, to enable both parties to engage fully and with true authenticity, even when differences persist.

Using our unique model for ongoing personal development, you can immediately apply learnings from the course to help achieve your personal goals.

No matter your walk of life, motivation or experience, this course will provide you with new ways to improve the quality of your interactions with others, whilst remaining your authentic self.

  • The course comprises 8 sections delivered over a single day. We underpin all the practical activities with  a base of scientific evidence.  You’ll receive additional resources, links and further reading to support further self exploration.
  • The agenda shown below provides the core session content, but we always tailor courses to exactly what you need and knowledge you may already have.
  • During the course you will learn practical skills, and reflect on how you will use these to contribute to the development of your own personalised action plan.
  • We limit numbers to a 1:8 facilitator:delegate ratio to ensure that participants receive a high level of personal attention and support.

Each session will explore the elements of authenticity, and how to embody our authenticity within our communication. You’ll develop practical skills through the course that will equip you with the tools to be your authentic self in your everyday life and work.

There is no course assessment, instead you will be asked to develop personal learning objectives which will form the basis for reflection at the end of the course.

For each day:  The introduction is designed to get you thinking about the extent to which you can be fully yourself, particularly in your interactions with others, and considering the concept of authentic communication.

A Model for Developing Excellence
In this session we’ll introduce our model for excellence; a framework for lifelong learning and development into which the content of the rest of the course is placed.

Becoming Aware of Ourselves
Self-awareness is the cornerstone of authenticity. This session starts with a practical exercise, designed to explore your self-awareness in situations in which you have found it easy or difficult to be truly yourself., We use a model to explore the ways in which our thoughts and feelings interact and play out in our bodies and behaviour.

The Concept of Authenticity
In this session we’ll explore a model for authenticity, and understand how being authentic can be difficult at times and drain our energy reserves.

The Role of Compassion for Self and Others
In this session we’ll explore the forces which shape our behaviour, and the value of being compassionate to ourselves and others.

What You Give is What You Get
What is the impact of our expectations and labels we give others, and the response we receive from them in turn? We explore this using a practical exercise.

Changing Position to Gain a Different Perspective
This is another practical session in which we take different perspectives to explore the needs, wants and experience of other people when we interact with them.

Listening & Responding Skills
The course concludes with a practical session where we’ll dissect how to listen effectively and respond assertively so that you can  engage fully and with true authenticity, even when differences persist.

Reflect and Close
The day will close with a practical reflection exercise that encourages you to embed the skills and insights you’ve learned during the dat, together with developing a supportive mindset. We’ll inspire you in this final session to apply the skills you’ve learnt so that you can live with authenticity.

On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Understand the concept and components of authenticity
  • Be able to use practical mindfulness tools and a practical model to increase your self awareness
  • Gain insight into the power of a compassionate approach towards self and others
  • Understand the impact of your own expectations on the response from others
  • Be able to understand and apply active listening skills and be able to deliver assertive statements which respect your authentic needs
  • Be aware of how to apply the tools and skills developed on the course to your everyday life


The primary objective of this course is to enable you to gain insight into how to be an authentic presence and provide you with communication tools to make your interactions as effective as possible.

At times it can be hard to express our true opinions and needs. How do we say what we really mean, in an effective way, when the pressure’s on? This course explores not only technical communication skills, but also the blocks which can make it hard to bring our authentic self to the table.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore authentic values and drivers and learn practical techniques for developing authenticity in their interactions with others, selecting those most useful to your own personality and goals.

Using our four-stage personal development cycle, you’ll be able to explore your own unique challenges, learn core skills to understand the needs and wants that drive behaviour, and how you can explore these with others.

There is a detailed breakdown of the course content in the Agenda section below.

Who it is for:

This course is ideal for anyone seeking to be more fully authentic in your relationship with yourself and your interactions with others.

Date: 15th November 2020

Tutors: Liz Clark and Jonathan Katz (read their biographies here)

Location: London (Please enquire directly about dates outside of London)

Duration: 1 day

Format: Combination of interactive teaching, discussion and practical application in small groups and pairs

Course £499
Course + 3 coaching sessions £999
Course + 6 coaching sessions £1299

Discounts available for: 3 or more course bookings

Course Information: For general information about our courses, please click here


I can honestly say I have never seen these guys so engaged and enthusiastic about anything before!

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