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Psychotherapy sessions can help you overcome mental and emotional difficulties. Consequently, it can improve your happiness, fulfilment and resilience. We use a range of different psychotherapy techniques to help people explore their feelings and behaviours. In order to discover what’s holding them back, improve their relationships and let go of unhelpful habits. So, speak to an online psychotherapist with Pinnacle, or have a face to face session in a UK location of your choice.

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What is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy that can help anyone process and unblock a wide range of personal issues. Psychotherapy sessions take place in a safe, pragmatic space that focuses on fulfilment and resilience.

Confidentiality is always guaranteed. In addition, our UK psychotherapists will always be respectful and build treatment around your personal needs.

Psychotherapy sessions can help you to cope with stress, overcome trauma or bereavement or with specific mental health issues, like depression or anxiety.

What can be treated?

Psychotherapy is for anyone. So, whether you’re struggling to cope with daily life, need help coping with loss or you suffer with mild to moderate mental health issues, working with a private psychotherapist could help you.

Talk therapy for depression & anxiety

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for moderate depression and anxiety. It can help to ease stress, give you a new perspective on problems and help you to cope with some side effects of medication. However, talking therapy alone may not be enough to treat severe depression. As such, it is recommended to augment any other treatments you have been prescribed, including medications.

Stress management

Stress is a normal and unavoidable part of life. However, when it becomes unhealthy and symptoms of chronic stress appear, it should not be left untreated. Our psychotherapy sessions can help you to identify the underlying causes of stress and equip you with tools to manage and reduce stress in your daily life.

Relationship issues

Whether as a couple, a family or as an individual, psychotherapy can help you to explore issues in your relationships so you can identify each party’s emotional needs. Our psychotherapists will treat all parties with respect and seek to resolve problems by building trust, so you can open dialogue and gain greater understanding of underlying problems.

Trauma therapy

Trauma can cause a huge range of psychological, emotional and physical reactions. It can be cause by events like physical, sexual and emotional abuse, a serious accident or illness, and combat. Psychotherapy can help you to work through trauma and rebuild your life – as a result, many people find it can springboard them to a much more fulfilled and positive life in the aftermath of adversity.


The sudden loss of a loved one can turn your world upside down. It can be a confusing and deeply upsetting time for anyone. Psychotherapy for bereavement can help you to process your grief, accept the loss and overcome feelings of guilt that you may be harbouring.

Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is confidence in your own worth or abilities. In other words, the opinion you hold of yourself. We may recognise that some of these opinions are misplaced. However they can be extremely difficult to change without help. So our psychotherapists will help you to work through the underlying causes of low self-esteem, whether it be trauma or abuse from your past, or stressors such as body image or financial problems. In conclusion, therapy can help you can become more aware of the causes of low self-esteem. As a result, you will be able to build up a more positive opinion of yourself.

Unresolved family issues

Any family can experience problems. For example, friction in communication, buried resentments or feelings of guilt or disappointment. Talking therapy can help your family to collaborate in order to resolve these issues. We’ll help you to communicate more empathetically, disrupt unhealthy patterns and as a result, strengthen family ties.

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Psychotherapy session – what to expect

In each session, you will explore your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. In addition, we’ll explore any specific issues that are troubling you. Secondly your psychotherapist will gather insights and suggest strategies to help you better respond to life’s challenges and increase your sense of wellbeing. Most importantly, we’ll work together to create a plan of action so you can start to overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Book a session with an online psychotherapist, or face to face psychotherapy sessions across the UK.

Face to face psychotherapy

This is how psychotherapy sessions are traditionally conducted. We have spaces available around the UK where you can feel comfortable. Tucked away from the distraction of home or work life. As a result, some clients prefer this option. Others find virtual or phone sessions more convenient. It’s entirely up to you.

Psychotherapy over the phone

If you prefer, we can offer psychotherapy sessions over the phone. This may be more convenient for you if you travel or find face-to-face interaction difficult. The psychotherapy session itself however, is conducted in much the same way as normal.

Virtual psychotherapy

Many of our Psychotherapy sessions are carried out over video chat. This is perfect if you’re short on time and prefer not to have to travel to a session. The session itself works just like a face-to-face session. All we ask is that you find a quiet place where you can speak and think clearly.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to find a psychotherapist
    Our therapists are fully qualified to carry out psychotherapy. Firstly, we’ll make sure you’re matched with a psychotherapist who meets your requirements. If you want to do face to face sessions, we’ll appoint one of our team who’s located in your area.
  • What does a psychotherapy session cost?
    Our sessions are charged at an hourly rate of £150. This rate is the same for sessions with an online psychotherapist. For more senior or specialist therapists, the cost may be higher.
  • Do you offer online psychotherapy?
    Yes. You can book a session with an online psychotherapist with Pinnacle. Sessions will be carried out over Skype, Zoom, Teams or similar apps. Or you can have a session over the phone if you prefer. So you can receive therapy wherever, and however it suits you.
  • Do you offer other types of therapy?
    Yes. We offer a range of therapy services including: EDMR therapy, counselling services, CBT therapy, therapy for depression, bereavement counselling and anxiety therapy.