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Just as there is a spectrum of physical wellbeing from injury and illness to extreme fitness, there is a parallel spectrum of mental health. Good mental health involves a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to do the things that we want and need to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that occur within our lives.

Like physical health, there is a place for keeping our mental space healthy and fit to meet the inevitable challenges of life and a place for seeking appropriate support and help as early as possible when things get tough so that we can minimise our suffering and get back on track as quickly as possible.

We can all take steps to improve our own mental health and build our resilience. It is easy to become complacent or put off tackling issues which may be holding us back from mental and emotional wellbeing.

Self-awareness and self-care need to be practised so that we can avoid complacency and continue to perform to the best of our abilities.

Mental Health First Aid
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