We can offer practical support for you if you are experiencing feelings of unhappiness, sadness and distress. Because depression can take many forms and have many causes, we take a holistic approach, blending approaches as needed in what's known as 'integrative counselling’.

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Depression affects different people in very different ways. It may be temporary or permanent. It may be linked to a clear cause such as bereveavement, trauma or a life change, or it may be a longer-lasting condition with no obvious underlying cause. Depression can undermine confidence, motivation and the quality of life. Some people may be especially vulnerable to depression.

Depression is an illness that if left unchecked can have serious consequences. Severe depression may lead to thoughts of self-harm or even suicide. While depression counselling will help, some people may be under a GP for medication as well as seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Counselling for depression can provide help and support for people who are experiencing debilitating feelings of unhappiness, sadness and distress.

Our accredited therapists work remotely and face-to-face.

Our approach to Depression Therapy

Our work in depression counselling — an area in which we are highly experienced — rests on the principle that every individual’s situation is unique.

To that end, we dedicate an extensive part of our initial practice to understanding you, and working with you to agree on the most appropriate way to approach your therapy and what goals we will be focusing on together.

We take a holistic approach when treating depression and will often combine a variety of appropriate treatments — an approach known as ‘integrative counselling’. This ensures that you will receive unique and tailored treatments to satisfy your needs.

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Depression: A client's story

M, a man in his early forties, came to us with very negative and depressed feelings. He said he had always felt this way, but knew there must be more to life and wanted above all to experience happiness.

We worked with M on defining exactly what, for him, constituted happiness. He defined it as feeling heard by others more in everyday situations and feeling ‘lighter inside’. Using CBT techniques, we began to practise assertiveness strategies both in the therapy room and in real-life scenarios, using the feedback to inform our next steps.

Over the course of this work together, M began to describe feeling more joyful on waking in the morning; as this feeling was reinforced over time, he found that it grew in frequency and became almost an everyday experience. He began to be more aware of his feelings, learning to express them in constructive ways and developing the habit of looking more positively at his everyday life.

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