Anxiety Therapy

We can help you deal with your anxiety, and its symptoms and triggers, through a tailor-made Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme designed just for you.

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A certain amount of anxiety is normal, but if you feel anxious a lot of the time about many different situations you may be suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

We believe that therapy is an effective anxiety treatment. The use of therapy helps to target both the symptoms and the root cause of anxiety. Once the root cause has been agreed, we can help you deal with your anxiety, its symptoms and triggers. It is at this point where we will build a tailor-made programme for you, depending on the symptoms you have listed.

Our accredited therapists work remotely and face-to-face.

Our approach to Anxiety Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment to help with anxiety. Feelings such as worry, fear or panic can be mild, moderate or severe. The emotions of anxiety can be constant, long-term and can affect people’s daily life.

Using cognitive therapy, your therapist will help you to tackle negative thought patterns that trigger an episode of anxiety. After you have recognised these negative thoughts and when they occur, you can work to replace them with something more rational and positive which will allow you to cope with anxiety in a calm and controlled manner.

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Anxiety therapy: A client's story

Simon, aged 23, couldn’t always control his anxiety, especially around women. During feelings of panic, he would get a wave of anxiety rushing up from his stomach to his throat, making him retch and sometimes be sick. After a promotion at work Simon needed to interact more with colleagues and was due to present a course at work and it was the dread of this that prompted him to seek help.

Over a number of sessions we used CBT to control the waves of anxiety Simon experienced. We explored the origins of his anxiety, his anxiety of eating in front of others and explored the very intense feelings caused by the end of a relationship.

After our sessions Simon felt much better about himself and was able to be calm and confident in social situations, and eat in front of colleagues. He has started a relationship with a woman he had known for some time but had kept at arm’s length.

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