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What Clients Say

Through my work with Richard, I have been able to identify and unlock trauma that has continued to present itself at the most painful times in my life, causing immense turmoil and suffering. I am convinced that the EMDR process is creating immense healing and clarity for me to achieve the health and wellness that I have been seeking for years. I highly recommend this approach and the services of Pinnacle Therapy.
John, Maida Vale

Trauma explained

Trauma is the term given when a person experiences an event or multiple events which overwhelm their ability to cope. Examples of trauma are the sudden death of a loved one, a distressing experience or humiliating occurrence. Trauma can often be the outcome of physical harm, though any situation that limits your ability to cope can be distinguished as traumatic. Some traumatic events are sudden, giving the person no time to prepare themselves emotionally and often leave them feeling powerless to regain control. However, there are situations where a traumatic event that happens in the midst of your childhood can often be suppressed and kindle problems later on in life unexpectedly. Trauma therapy seeks to aid the patient to combat these traumatic events and to guide the person in regaining control of their emotions.

How to know if you are suffering from Trauma

There are many symptoms that can be ascribed to trauma, these symptoms can be emotional, or
physical and can determine the severity of the person’s issues. The most common emotional
symptoms are feelings of anxiety and fear in situations that are neither scary or stressful. The person may also suffer from mood swings or have difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks. The more common physical symptoms are the inability to sleep or having erratic sleeping patterns, including feeling lethargic or fatigue.
If you notice any of these symptoms after an event you or someone you know has suffered, they may be in need of trauma counselling to help them overcome their trauma.

Our approach to treating trauma

Our trauma therapy is based around building a rapport with the patient, allowing them the
opportunity to express themselves about their emotions freely to the therapist. We know that
showing an accepting nature is vital to helping the patient overcome their negative feelings and to come to terms with their grief. It is our goal to make sure that you receive the right approach to your trauma counselling, with the objective being you are able to once again see yourself as a person who has the power and ability to change your life.

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