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What Clients Say

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I really feel like I’m getting better and starting to become the person who I really am.
Julie, London
I appreciated the flexible approach to therapy which was tailored to my needs. Richard was good at remembering what I had said in previous sessions. I found his questions intelligent and thought-provoking!
Rob, Guildford
I found the whole experience incredibly useful and I feel I’ve moved on massively in a relatively short space of time. I feel like a different person to how I felt when I walked into therapy! The main thing for me was being equipped with the tools to deal with anxiety and realise that I can deal with it! I would thoroughly recommend it.
Nicola, Teddington

What is Sports Performance Therapy?

Sports performance therapy, or Physical therapy (PT) is a branch of sports therapy that helps patients that have suffered physical injuries or are in the process of rehabilitation. The therapy objective is to assist the process of recovery from injury and restoring mobility or even function to damaged limbs and joints. The therapist takes into account the patient’s medical history and a thorough examination of the patient’s physical condition to carry out a diagnosis. This is then conferred with the patient on how to best proceed in forms of treatment.

How we approach Sports Performance Therapy

There are many techniques to employ when dealing with sports therapy. However we will always
agree on a plan with the patient before we apply it to them. We take this holistic approach to sports therapy to ensure that both the patient and therapist are clear on the process as a whole. After the assessment stage, the treatment will begin in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy which helps the patient to become motivated in taking part in sports or to give them a better perspective on their current form that may be holding them back from their full potential.

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