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Exam nerves and anxiety explained

It’s completely normal to get exam nerves and everyone feels a normal degree of anxiety in life when faced with such challenges as an examination, a job interview or a visit to the dentist. However, when people feel anxious a lot of the time about many different situations it can be that anxiety is developing. This may lead to general anxiety disorder. Feelings of anxiety can be accompanied by other symptoms and issues such as:

  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Eating
  • Insomnia

Our approach to treating exam nerves

A common approach to working with fears and phobias is hypnotherapy (also known as hypnosis). Hypnotherapy aims to re-programme the mind and therefore change behaviour and beliefs. It involves entering a trance-like state at a point where your conscious mind becomes suppressed and your unconscious mind is released.

You are in a heightened state of awareness throughout but concentrating on the therapist’s voice, not engaged in the inner dialogue we all have with ourselves. You will be open to suggestion so that new thoughts can be introduced and behaviour changed.

Hypnotherapy can be a particularly effective treatment for fears and phobias, addictions, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, stress-related problems such as insomnia, and pain management including during surgery and childbirth.

An exam nerves case study

Amanda was an extremely bright undergraduate student. However, her coursework was often far better than her exam results due to her nerves, which she claimed frequently caused her mind to go blank.

I encouraged Amanda to form an image of the challenging situation. We then used hypnotherapy in order confront the negative image and gradually override it with feelings of confidence and positivity drawn from other areas of her life.

At the end of the session Amanda was asked to describe how she now felt about the situation which she had previously described as “nerve wracking”. After just one session, she was able to see herself sitting her exams easily and confidently.

Your sessions really helped me to become more focused and gain self-confidence in myself. When I entered the exam room, I was completely calm and confident. I have never felt so calm, relaxed and focused while taking a test.
Amanda, Twickenham

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