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Drugs misuse explained

Drug addiction is a neurological disease. A person has to ingest enough of a substance over an
elongated period for them to establish an over-reliance. This period of time is dependant on whether it is a compound which is psychologically addictive or how susceptible to habitual use that person is.
Psychological addiction, such as Heroin and Cocaine addiction, removes a persons ability to
moderate their drug use and can cause changes to the structure of certain brain receptors. This means less of these receptors are available when the substance is next used, and more has to be ingested for the intended effect, causing the addiction.
Habitual use is exactly what it sounds like. When something a person does becomes a habit, such as gambling, and that habit becomes hard to break. This is due to the persons reward system releasing a flush of dopamine whenever they engage in that activity. Habitual use is seen mostly in drugs like Cannabis, MDMA and certain hallucinogenics. However, habitual use may cause an addiction and an over-reliance if a person takes these substances to cope with, or cover up, something that is wrong in their life.

Our approach to treating drugs misuse

We typically use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Hypnosis (also known as Hypnotherapy) and EMDR to treat drugs misuse.

What Clients Say

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I really feel like I’m getting better and starting to become the person who I really am.
Julie, London
I appreciated the flexible approach to therapy which was tailored to my needs. Richard was good at remembering what I had said in previous sessions. I found his questions intelligent and thought-provoking!
Rob, Guildford
I found the whole experience incredibly useful and I feel I’ve moved on massively in a relatively short space of time. I feel like a different person to how I felt when I walked into therapy! The main thing for me was being equipped with the tools to deal with anxiety and realise that I can deal with it! I would thoroughly recommend it.
Nicola, Teddington

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