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What Clients Say

What I learned was invaluable that although I couldn’t change external circumstances, I could change how I dealt with them. I learned to be more confident at my job and instead of putting in 200% because of fear, I put my best 100% into the job and started to feel better about myself and my performance
Declan, Twickenham

Behaviour explained

Behaviour is wide term referring to the range of actions an individual or group might make in response to its environment. Abnormal behaviour, is when our actions deviate from what is normal for us. Behaviour is considered abnormal when it is atypical, out of the ordinary, causes an impairment or an undesirable consequence. There is much debate as to what is normal and abnormal, as what is normal for one individual may be abnormal for another. What we’re most concerned about, in the context of therapy, is helping individuals address behaviours they consider maladaptive, so they can adopt more advantageous behaviours.

Our approach to treating behavioural issues

We approach every client with a fresh and open mind to provide the necessary environment for healthy progression. The first integral step in our approach is to simply talk and discuss with you what therapy options will be most effective.

Behaviour problems are often caused by more than one issue and are also often a symptom of more severe psychological disorders. These issues might be affected by feelings such as worry, anxiousness, fear or panic, which can be mild, moderate or severe. The emotions of anxiety and depression can be constant, long-term and can affect people’s daily life.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a powerful treatment to help with maladaptive behaviour. Applying CBT to behavioural issues can alleviate the symptoms and return people to a more balanced way of life.

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