Empower your workforce to cope in the face of adversity


Empower your workforce to cope in the face of adversity

Empower your workforce. Business success is hugely dependent on a strong and dynamic workforce; a team that tackles obstacles and stressful situations head-on, and see them as an opportunity to learn; who adapt easily to business change and respond, instead of reacting.

We know that work-related stress is on the rise. It has a direct impact on performance and resilience in the workplace.  In fact, one-third of all organisations in the UK included stress in their top 5 causes of absence.

So how can we ensure that our teams are armed with the tools and techniques to handle workplace stress in a healthy way?

The answer is to teach them how to be resilient

Empower your workforce to cope in the face of adversity. It is completely possible to educate our workforce on how to overcome difficult situations, stress and unwelcome events.  At Pinnacle, our ‘Peak Resilience Academy’ is proven to give delegates practical tools to build confidence and assertive behaviours, learn how to bounce back from adversity and increase their flexibility and mental agility to increase performance.

95 % of delegates who attended our course believe that:

  • There is a strong link between resilience at work and key commercial KPI’s, such as productivity, sickness, absence and stress.
  • Our courses offer valuable tools and techniques that are essential in managing and combatting stress in the workplace.
  • Resilience is key in the workplace to ensure that staff risk factors are kept at bay, specifically those that can have a negative impact on both employer and employee.

100% of delegates believe that:

  • Our training course was completely relevant to them and their working life
  • The course fully met their personal needs.

Empower your workforce

At Pinnacle, we know why it’s possible to learn to control stress; we understand when stress and resilience are linked to performance, and we know how resilience can be developed.

We run private and public workshops and seminars to help you on the road towards empowering your staff and ensuring they have the resilience to work through any situation they may be faced with.

Put your team at the centre of your business plan and ensure they are equipped with the tools and strategies they require to operate at the highest level to make them feel great, and to push your business to the next level.

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