Is the rising trend of anger in women affecting you?

//Is the rising trend of anger in women affecting you?

Is the rising trend of anger in women affecting you?

It’s perfectly normal to lose your temper every now and again, but what if it happens to you all the time? If you ever find yourself flying off the handle over the most trivial complaint, and it happens a lot, then you could be part of the rising ‘epidemic’ of severe anger amongst women.

Research by the British Association of Anger Management back in 2008 revealed some worrying warning signs about the state of anger and mental health in the UK, particularly amongst women. It’s ‘Boiling Point’ survey found that 87% of women said that work stress causes them to shout at their children, and that 25% of women are experiencing feelings of stress at least 8 times a week.

Since 2008, have things improved? Unfortunately, the trend for sudden, uncontrollable bursts of anger amongst women seems to be on the rise since the research was published.

Writing in the Daily Mail, one woman, Rachel Rounds, confessed that she has thrown crockery at her husband following a row over something as simple as whose turn it was to pay the child-minder. She also mentions a friend who experienced such severe road rage that she resorted to physical assault, despite being previously known as a kind, polite and non-confrontational person. Sadly, these rage incidents seem to be everyday occurrences, rather than rare occasions of seeing red.

Why is anger amongst women becoming such a problem?

There are lots of possible reasons why anger amongst women may be on the rise. Workplace stress is a common cause of irrational anger, as is the intense pressure on women in particular to ‘have it all’ – a clean, ordered home, a busy career, a full family life and a fulfilling relationship. Putting too much pressure on yourself to do everything and be ‘perfect’ can lead to anger, which can turn to depression if there is no proper outlet for it.

Spotting the symptoms

If you find yourself snapping or shouting at your close family or over-reacting if something goes wrong (i.e. a printer runs out of ink at work), you could be suffering from anger management problems. If anyone remarks that you’re acting out of character, or you fly off the handle and instantly feel guilt and shame, it might be time to seek some professional help.

Getting help

Getting your anger under control is not only important for your mental and physical health, but also for your relationships with those around you. If you have children, it is recommended to seek professional help for their sake – it isn’t healthy for them to live in an angry home.

Richard Reid, a highly qualified hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist and mediator and founded of Pinnacle Therapy, recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning to discuss what has been labelled as The Female Anger Epidemic. Alongside Dr Dawn Harper, Richard took calls from viewers concerned about the subject, and beating stress.

Pinnacle Therapy offers anger management counselling to help you understand where your anger comes from. Our therapists can help you to vent inner frustrations, talk about how you’re feeling and discover techniques to manage and control your anger. We take a holistic approach to anger management, blending different therapies and techniques together, so we can find an approach that works best for you as an individual. Get in touch to see how we can help you feel less angry

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