How to help your employees combat stress


How to help your employees combat stress

Stress manifests itself in many different ways and often results in increased absenteeism from work. So when an employee has the right tools and techniques to combat stress and deal effectively with stressful situations, the business will benefit.

Employees who have attended our course ‘Combatting and controlling stress’ have learnt how to have much more awareness of their self and how to motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

The benefits of attending this course include learning:

How to overcome the physical symptoms of stress

They will learn how to focus on rebalancing the body and mind. These techniques are designed to help alleviate stress indicators.

How to achieve a relaxed state of mind

They will be able to achieve a relaxed state of mind when stress hits, through developing visualisation resources.

How to develop a healthy lifestyle

Quite often, during times of stress, it is tempting to reach for convenience foods, caffeine or alcohol. Adopting a healthy lifestyle has a positive reduction is stress levels.

Mindfulness techniques

They will learn how to focus on the present moment, which will help to stop stress from snowballing.

How to overcome negative thinking patterns

Negative thinking can result in stress overwhelm, so it is important to understand how to stop doing this.

The following case study is an example of how Pinnacle Therapy has helped the director of a small business reduce their stress levels and increase their confidence.

In this particular company we worked on counselling the director through the stress triggers and worked on stress management techniques. We then moved on to provide coaching sessions to build the director’s confidence. This was achieved by working on her professional skills and personal strengths.

Just eighteen months on, the business has grown from 10 to over 30 staff – with profits soaring from approximately £1 million to over £8 million.

The client, who is not named due to the highly confidential nature of our work, said:

“By sorting out the stress and shifting the primary focus to my strengths, the impacts on the productivity and growth of the business have been exceptional.”

I hope with this article you will find it relevant to How to help your employees’ combat stress. Contact Pinnacle Wellbeing today and see out how we can support your company to ensure your employees are much better placed to cope with stressful situations.

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