Going on a negativity diet

//Going on a negativity diet

Going on a negativity diet

Negativity is all around us but quite often we don’t pick up on negative signals.  It is really easy to be drawn into more and more negative situations, particularly when you are faced with listening to others’ problems and when you continuously hear or read negative stories in the media.

If you are feeling unhappy already, you may be subconsciously surrounding yourself with negative people and negative news.  This means that you will be receiving too much negative information into your brain and you become immersed in your own negative thoughts.  These thoughts will quickly turn into being involved in negative behaviours.  Negative thoughts and behaviours can multiply – culminating in more and more anxious thoughts and outwardly depressive behaviours.

One of the methods we use in counselling is helping clients to go on a negativity diet.  This is where we show you how to prevent yourself feeding on negative information that contribute to your feelings of anxiety or unhappiness – in your life and in your relationships with others. Hence the term negativity diet!

Counselling can help with negative emotions, anxiety and depression, putting you back on track by opening your mind to positive thoughts and positive behaviours.

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