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Open training courses and one to one coaching

Unlock your unique personal potential

We offer a comprehensive suite of courses spanning the spectrum of personal excellence and emotional wellbeing. These are all informed by the latest research in Psychology and Neuroscience and led by experienced therapists and coaches.

Our courses provide tangible insights, practical tools and techniques, together with personalised action plans – all geared towards sharpening your focus and performance when it counts.



This fun, practical and interactive one-day workshop will deliver you the springboard for defining your goals in the coming year and the practical action plan needed to accomplish them.

The reflective space created within the session will allow you to get in touch with your purpose and goals in life, and uncover any blocks which may be getting in the way of achieving them.  It will also help you pinpoint which areas of your life may require more attention, so that you can attain greater equilibrium and resilience to flourish despite life’s inevitable challenges.

If you are fed up of making New Year’s resolutions that fall flat, looking to make a significant life or career change, or just seeking space for reflection and resolution, then this workshop will kick start your year!

Who it’s for: 

Anyone wanting to make 2019 their best year yet

What you will learn:

You will get in touch with your purpose and goals in life and start a simple yet effective plan for the year

Length: 1 day

Location: London


Highly participative workshop with space to allow you to reflect and develop your personal plans with our experienced life coaches.   Delegates are free to share as much or as little their personal experience and reflection with the group as they feel comfortable.

Our Courses

Positively transform mindsets for results now and in the long-term.

Foundation Skills Courses

Mindset and emotional self-management are fundamental skills forming the platform which enables you to design your life, meet challenges with resilience and focus and unlock your own unique potential to achieve our goals. These courses provide you with the tools, techniques and personal insight on which to build.

Core Skills

Few goals are achieved in isolation, whether you are a lone entrepreneur or corporate leader. Interactions and relationships with others are the critical touchpoints through which your personal impact can be magnified. Discover how to deepen your relationships, interact with confidence, purpose and poise, in individual and group situations, regardless of your personal starting point.

Advanced Skills

This suite of courses integrates your unique persona, skills and purpose to enable you to bring the best possible you to every situation with authenticity and presence. Gain personalised insights and actionable tools to impact and influence others and deliver the goods when it really counts, in whatever arena you choose to excel.

Corporate Services

Our bespoke individual, group and company-wide programmes can help you to achieve permanent positive behavioural change, talent retention, sustainable engagement and staff wellbeing. Contact us to discover how we can optimise your business.

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One to One Coaching

One to one coaching in combination with our courses, helps you to embed and apply your learning to achieve your goals.  We also provide one to one coaching as a standalone intervention to overcome challenges and boost your personal effectiveness.
We can provide coaching face to face or remotely at a frequency that best suits you and offer a variety of packages tailored to meet your requirements.
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Meet Our Coaches

Breakthrough Coaching

Tired of being locked in to a long-term coaching contract?
Want results now?

Want to work with an international authority in the field of behavioural change?

Choose Breakthrough Coaching, a new way of dealing with your most pressing challenges at work. You send us a wish list of issues you want to work on and we will design a one-to-one day to help you work on them intensively.

Breakthrough Coaching is usually delivered as a one day session with a follow up day about 6 weeks later to chart the progress of the coaching.

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Unlock your potential for excellence with Pinnacle courses and coaching.