Lego®️ SeriousPLAY™️

Lego®️ SeriousPLAY™️

What can we do for you?

Unlock the teamwork, creativity and communication skills of your people through constructive play. At Pinnacle, our certified Lego®️ SeriousPLAY™️ practitioners can create and run sessions for your team that are unlike any other corporate events.


How does it work?

Lego®️ SeriousPLAY™️ combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning into a unique approach that helps create a common language for your team. It helps your people communicate not just with their heads but also their hands, and connect the two.

The Lego becomes a way to show and share your thinking with your colleagues, not just tell them verbally. It’s a really quick way for someone to show the ideas in their mind. You get to explain the story of the model you’ve built, and everything is easier when you can see, literally, what one another is thinking. Working together to tackle challenges is also a great way to bring teams together.

Who can it help?

Lego®️ SeriousPLAY™️ works across a range of organisations and departments. From innovating products and services to making sure all your stakeholders are engaged at the start of a project, these sessions help your people communicate more easily, work together more creatively and make change happen within your business. Working together with Lego is a great way to make sure everyone gets air time, rather than merely the loudest or most senior people.

From helping teams make decisions that have instant buy-in, to firing up brand creation within the business, we’re always thrilled with the response to these sessions, and the resulting smiles on the faces of everyone when work and play collide so successfully.