The Science of Presenting

Learn how to pitch and present, powered by psychological insight

The Psychology of Pitching & Presenting is uniquely tailored towards entrepreneurs, professional services people and Sales Teams looking to maximise their success in pitching and presenting to potential clients or investors

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The Science of Presenting

Richard will reveal the unique psychological insights and skills that will make your pitches and presentations instinctively resonate with your audience for more successful results.

Build presentations that appeal to a variety of senses and personality types
Structure a consultative pitch to potential clients and investors
Develop pitches for different running orders to ensure that you remain memorable
Differentiate your recommendations or solutions from your competition
Communicate financial information in an engaging and inspiring way
Define the critical selling messages which you want the audience to remember
Prepare your optimal mind-set to present
Feel calm – no matter what the situation
Employ the full power of words, voice and body language to accentuate your impact
Extend your questioning & listening skills to pick up on finer nuances
Deliver punchy & concise pitches to investors
Develop the agility to answer difficult questions on the spot
Appeal to investors’ emotions so that your proposal remains a priority for them
Create messages that prompt quicker action