The Introverted Leader

How to be (quietly) brilliant

Being a leader can be tough on the best of days. But in a world that favours the extroverted, it can be even tougher for the introvert who is expected – and wants – to lead.

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The Introverted Leader Course

We have uniquely tailored The Introverted Leader® towards entrepreneurs, professional services people and C-Suite individuals looking to compete, whilst still remaining true to their authentic introverted selves.

Richard will reveal the hidden psychological tools and techniques for authentically raising your visibility and building rapid rapport with others, whilst ensuring that your own energy levels don’t become depleted in the process.

Understand what derails an introvert & what gets you back on track
Learn how to use introvert traits to engage & empower others
Develop the flexibility to adopt extrovert behaviours when needed, whilst remaining true to yourself
Reduce the discomfort of typical situations in the workplace
Overcome limiting self-beliefs about being an introvert
Increase your visibility & get the recognition you deserve
Discover how to manage your energy levels even when dealing with boisterous extroverts
Build verbal & non-verbal strategies for expressing yourself more effectively in meetings
Increase your professional network without feeling pushy
Work more harmoniously with other personality types & establish a more inclusive environment