The Corporate Athlete Course

The complete psychological toolkit for the business professional

The Corporate Athlete is a three-day course that brings together a trinity of powerful lessons that Richard Reid has taught to high-performing leaders around the world. Speak to us about how we can arrange the course for your team in a one, two or three day format.

Available formats:



Away days


Peak Performance

Learn how to embrace challenges, adapt to change and thrive. You’ll develop a set of tools to help you be more resilient, and more effective under pressure.

Understand what resilience is and why it is important
Explore how the brain affects your behaviour and decision-making
Identify the thinking patterns and the verbal/non-verbal language which will help you to deal with setbacks more positively
Let go of outmoded working patterns; tap into the secrets of neuroscience that will enable you to work smarter rather than harder
Develop powerful practical strategies for managing emotional leakage and becoming more efficient with your internal resources
Learn how to reframe the internal stories that we create around hardships and adversity to promote a Growth Mindset
Build greater compassion for yourself and others; forge an environment that brings out the best in yourself and others
Improve your personal effectiveness; uncover the self-care tips that will effect the maximum positive change with the minimum extra effort
Pinpoint your own higher purpose, values and passions that will allow you to keep going even in the most challenging of conditions
Design an ongoing action plan to develop your personal resilience and promote long-term positive change

Charisma Masterclass

Find out how to influence, inspire and elevate others in a way that is authentically you. You’ll end the day understanding the set of behaviours that enable you to communicate and lead using the superpower of charisma.

Recognise your own unique inner-qualities; consciously utilise these more confidently and effectively - whether you are naturally an extrovert of introvert
Grow your emotional intelligence; attune to the underlying emotions and motivations of others and adapt your rapport building skills to create more ‘win-win’ situations
Create more collaborative and meaningful interactions; build ethical long-term sustainable relationships with colleagues, peers, customers and key stakeholders
Become a trusted advisor to others; generate greater power, presence and warmth
Establish a stronger personal brand; draw others to you so that they instinctively remember you and actively promote your interests
Demonstrate greater gravitas; master your emotions and decision-making
Feel more authentic, purposeful and courageous; stand out from the crowd (no more ‘imposter syndrome’)
Develop more compelling verbal and non-verbal language; motivate and influence those around you
Raise your mental agility; learn how to think on your feet and maintain composure no matter what the situation
Maximise your full potential; become the person that you were always meant to be - impress and inspire others to do the same

The Science of Presenting

Discover how to deliver winning presentations that are powered by psychological insight, whether it’s a winning pitch or a convincing call-to-arms for your sales team.

Build presentations that appeal to a variety of senses ad personality types
Structure a consultative pitch to potential clients and investors
Develop pitches for different running orders to ensure that you remain memorable
Differentiate your recommendations or solutions from your competition
Communicate financial information in an engaging and inspiring way
Define the critical selling messages which you want the audience to remember
Prepare your optimal mind-set to present
Employ the full power of words, voice and body language to accentuate your impact
Extend your questioning and listening skills to pick up on finer nuances
Deliver punchy and concise pitches to investors
Develop the agility to answer difficult questions on the spot
Appeal to investors’ emotions so that you proposal remains a priority for them
Create messages that prompt quicker action