The Charisma Masterclass

We believe charisma plays a large part of being a successful and transformational leader

We believe that charisma can be taught – to anyone. Rather than see it purely as a natural gift, we see it as a set of tangible behaviour sets that can be replicated and integrated into our everyday selves. During this masterclass, we’ll teach you these behaviours and transform the way you communicate.

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The Charisma Masterclass Course

Learn the secret ingredient to making sure that you can engage and inspire your team, stakeholders and clients.

Recognise your own unique inner-qualities; consciously utilise these more confidently and effectively - whether you are naturally an extrovert of introvert
Grow your emotional intelligence; attune to the underlying emotions and motivations of others and adapt your rapport building skills to create more ‘win-win’ situations
Establish a stronger personal brand; draw others to you so that they instinctively remember you and actively promote your interests
Demonstrate greater gravitas; master your emotions and decision-making
Feel more authentic, purposeful and courageous; stand out from the crowd (no more ‘imposter syndrome’)
Develop more compelling verbal and non-verbal language; motivate and influence those around you

Jonathan Bartholomew
UK & Ireland Channel Director, Sophos