CEO and Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches work with high performers and leaders in the middle and upper levels of organisations to develop their personal effectiveness and leadership capability.
Key areas include:

Developing an impactful leadership style

There is no single style of leadership. It takes self-awareness and frank appraisal of strengths and weaknesses to develop as a powerful and authentic leader.

Communicating the business context

The purpose, vision and goals of the organization to key stakeholders as well as outlining opportunities and challenges.

Building powerful stakeholder relationships

Facilitating interactions that result in exceptional results and team performance.

Enabling and empowering results

Enabling and empowering results and desirable outcomes through others as well as through the executive’s own efforts.


High performers can be their own worst enemies. The traits that got them promoted may not be desirable or even sustainable at the next level.


Senior management can be both demanding and lonely. Developing the ability to perform at the highest level under pressure whilst avoiding burnout is a critical skill for high performers.

New to Role

Whether promoted internally or hired, the first 100 days in role are a critical time for any senior manager. Executive coaching offers an independent sounding board and support to ensure a positive foundation for ongoing success.

CEO and Executive Coaching built around you

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Coaching may also be valuable to support teams when things go wrong.
Key areas include:


Sadly, a significant number of executives experience burnout at some point in their career. Pinnacle has the psychological depth to address mental wellbeing with executives at such a vulnerable time and enable a supported return to full capacity.

Conflict & Grievance

Inevitably there are times when conflict between staff or a grievance procedure fragment teams or continue to undermine effective working relationships. In these situations, it is essential to actively manage any underlying or unresolved issues in order restore effective working.

The Complete Guide To Building a Resilient Organisation

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