Back to Work Support

What can we do for you?

We work with employers to help them manage employees’ return to work after periods of absence. They might have been off work with mental or physical health problems, been suspended or simply coming back to work after maternity leave. How do you integrate someone back in so that they feel effective and welcome? How do you help them and the business? We’ll help you spot any barriers to a successful return and give you the tools you (and they) need to be able to remove them.

How does it work?

We work with HR or the line manager to create a personalised plan to re-integrate each employee, and enable them to feel like they have value. We help our employer client spot the signs that someone might be struggling on their return, and give them the tools to know how to have those conversations with the employee. We can also work with you to create company-wide return-to-work policies and procedures to make sure you have the system in place in future.

Who is it for?

Any employer who has to manage returns to work and wants a personalised plan for individual employees alongside specialised support to be able to implement that plan.