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Effective teamwork is an important goal for all organisations. And today’s senior staff are required to provide effective cross-team leadership, often in different locations and sometimes remotely. With Pinnacle, leadership development and team coaching are dynamic and collaborative. We work across the organisation to align strategy, people and processes.

We’ll work actively with you to change culture and bring to light the hidden aspects of organisational life that have the power to derail the best of strategies.

We’ll observe and talk to people at all levels, and work with the leadership team on its vision and strategy. We seek to understand the employee perspective too, looking at alignment across the organisation and whether people feel valued in the work they do.

We want to work with organisations that:

  • Want lasting solutions, not quick fixes
  • Build on past experiences and learn from them to meet new challenges
  • Are willing to stay with uncertainty long enough to arrive at better understanding and quality solutions
  • Are successful in their fields, or have succeeded in the past and want to move up a gear
  • Have integrity and high ethical standards
  • Are willing to learn and have fun doing it
  • Value new ways of thinking.

Our approach

We’ll look at the different parts of the organisation and how they come together as a whole. We’ll spend time with teams to understand how they function and use our clinical skills to learn what might be going on below the surface – not simply whether they are achieving their objectives, but how are they working together. This aspect of our approach is unique and it’s what makes a crucial difference between a team that is functioning well and one that is truly high performing.

We believe that the mission of the organisation is of significance as it can elicit particular anxieties and defensive behaviour both individually and organisationally.

We’ll consider leadership, authorisation and power and may recommend bespoke interventions to increase leadership capacity and capability. We promote reflective practice, so that staff may work consciously and confidently.

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Excellent – very energetic presentations, great deal of invited participation and space to practice. I have much more awareness of self and how to motivate to future goals.
Don, HR Specialist