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Coaching and consultancy

Gain new insights into your business, create great leaders and face change head-on.

Our short-term coaching and consultancy services can help you create a positive environment and inspirational leaders, keep your organisation on track during times of change and get a fresh perspective on how to improve business performance.

Showing you and your teams how to make positive behavioural changes is our priority. We can help you can put learning into practice in the real world, so that it’s retained for longer and integrated into daily life. With Pinnacle, you can improve performance with a healthy mindset culture.

Grounded in neuroscience

At Pinnacle, we appreciate how the brain works. Information in short-term memory lasts for about 15 to 30 seconds, after which the neurochemical memory trace quickly fades. We use techniques to help you retain information longer, enhance brain effectiveness and achieve behavioural change.