Case study: Sophos

//Case study: Sophos
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We had devised a global training programme for our sales teams and needed to find suitable trainers for the UK Sales Channel team. Pinnacle was the natural choice.

We approached them because of their excellent reputation in providing Charisma and Emotional Intelligence training.

Trusted sales tactics using emotional intelligence

Constant tight deadlines mean that our sales teams have to deal with people carefully and diplomatically. We recognised that our staff needed to become more self aware and work on managing their emotions to help their negotiating influence, impact and presence. These crucial personal skills give more credibility to clients and prospective clients, helping us to be taken more seriously.

Good emotional intelligence helps our sales teams to understand what’s important for our clients, allowing them to motivate their position and use that information to their advantage. In other words, our clients recognise that they are not having our products forced on them, only what they need or want. This allows us to become trusted advisors to our clients. In situations where we don’t have what a client needs, our teams can professionaly acknowledge that, engendering more trust for better long term relationships, rather than just trying to meet a sales target.

Two-day charisma workshop + three coaching sessions = success!

Initially, a two-day charisma workshop was held for all the sales teams. From that, every individual had three coaching sessions over a number of months, to focus on the mechanics of what they’d learnt during the initial course. Pinnacle also provided one-to-one coaching on presentations skills to the Channel Sales Director.

Jon Bartholomew, Channel Sales Director, said: “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course … what they have learnt has had a profound impact on their lives. I found it eye-opening, and full of tools that can be used to make life and business so much easier.”

Improved relationships, inside and out

We now have better relationships with our clients and internally amongst our teams. We were so delighted with the outcome that we have made Pinnacle a preferred trade partner, rolling out online workshops to our offices around the world.