Case study: Scotia Bank

//Case study: Scotia Bank
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Wanting to help our staff with not only their performance, but also their mental health and wellbeing, we realised we needed some professional outside help.

Initially, we started off slowly with some voluntary, hour long ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions to get a feeling for whether Pinnacle Corporate were a good fit for us. They were! So we commissioned them with a variety of courses across the business to really help our people get the best out of themselves

Creating better mental health awareness

One of the problems we wanted to solve was to help our line managers and senior managers to recognise when there are mental health issues showing within their teams. We needed them to be more aware if someone was in emotional distress, or having some form of mental health issue. They also needed to have the skills to deal with any emotional issues, too, and we recognised that our managers needed mental health first aid training. For instance, if an individual suddenly bursts into tears during an appraisal, we want the managers to have the confidence to reassure them, and signpost them to the best professional help if necessary.

Good emotional intelligence helps our sales teams to understand what’s important for our clients, allowing them to motivate their position and use that information to their advantage. In other words, our clients recognise that they are not having our products forced on them, only what they need or want. This allows us to become trusted advisors to our clients. In situations where we don’t have what a client needs, our teams can professionaly acknowledge that, engendering more trust for better long term relationships, rather than just trying to meet a sales target.

After the success of the three separate hour-long ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions that covered a broad range of things like resilience, emotional intelligence and charisma, we commissioned Pinnacle Corporate to carry out five half-day workshops. These were compulsory for our managers to attend, and were specifically on mental health first aid. Pinnacle Corporate also created a Mental Health Awareness and First Aid booklet for our managers to keep, which are a fantastic on-going resource.

Our managers were reassured that they were not expected to become therapists, but to simply provide them with the skills and confidence to manage the process, and how to be emotionally available, not rushing around and looking unapproachable.

Calm, open and productive work environment

Our managers are now far more present, which has created a much calmer and more open environment for everyone to work in, in the knowledge that any issues can be discussed with understanding and without judgement.

We were so pleased with the success of the workshops that we then commissioned Pinnacle Corporate to roll out a training programme for our stock market training, focusing on emotional intelligence and appropriate behaviour in the workplace. Having several hundred traders, this is a big project.