Case study: Cap Gemini

//Case study: Cap Gemini
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One of our contracts, for HMRC, was coming up for renewal in 2017. Staff were already showing signs of stress in 2015, not knowing what would happen to them if we were to lose the contract. So we approached Pinnacle for help in becoming more resilient.

The primary reason we chose Pinnacle was because of their crossover between mental health and business consultancy – they understood our business needs whilst also caring for the wellbeing of our staff

The problem …

With the HMRC contract coming up for renewal, there was a lot of stress and conflict within the team. People were uncertain as to whether they’d still have a job if we lost the contract. All this impacted on both absenteeism and staff turnover, which was high at the time.

… and the solution

Initially, we ran a pilot workshop on resilience training for our Head of Development, along with the senior managers from other areas of Cap Gemini, as well as the HMRC team, to make sure that Pinnacle was a good fit for us. From that success, we rolled out 15 resilience training workshops to 300 people, with some additional one-to-one coaching for a few individuals who were identified as needing extra help.

We learnt how to manage stress and how to be proactive in order to minimise any opportunities for stress to have an impact. We also learnt how to manage uncertainty, setbacks and mistakes, instead using these situations as growth and learning opportunities.

Stronger and more emotionally intelligent!

We became stronger, both individually and within our teams. In fact, the workshops were so successful that we asked Pinnacle Corporate to help our UK legal team, who were having a few internal difficulties. Our Finance team was also given some Emotional Intelligence training and some one-to-one coaching.

On the back of that success, we also invited Pinnacle Corporate as our Preferred Training Partner for both our Apprenticeship and Emerging Talent programmes.

The results all round have been fantastic – they all get better responses from their colleagues as well as the broader organisation and within the HMRC team absenteeism went down by 12%.

By sorting out the stress and shifting the primary focus to my strengths, the impacts on the productivity and growth of the business have been exceptional.