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Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course and believe that what they have learnt has had a profound impact on their lives. I found it eye opening and full of tools that can be used to make life and business so much easier. The UK sales team and management team are also now keen to attend. I hope that in the future I can get more of the business to experience the wonderful course.
Jon Bartholomew, Channel Sales Director, Sophos, Charisma Workshop
Working with Pinnacle has been great. The sessions have yielded great feedback…We look forward to working with Pinnacle next year for more mindfulness sessions to assist stroke survivors in their recovery.
Kate Pieroudis, Back to Work Manager, The Stroke Association, Mindfulness Workshops
Our work with Pinnacle aimed to not only provide support to those experiencing psychological ill-health, but also to plan psychological rehabilitation programmes and return to work plans.

Pinnacle has met our requirements and gone beyond expectations, adding value to the Occupational Health Service. They have achieved this through excellent one-to-one work with clients, feedback to colleagues facilitating good case management and advice to managers to inform their decision making in high risk environments.

What we appreciate the most is their ability to access, prioritise and work towards a common goal of a successful rehabilitation and return to work.

Ginny Giles, Occupational Health Manager, City of London Corporation & Police, CBT & Trauma Support
Adina is an excellent facilitator, who uses a quiet authority and flexibility of approach to really serve her clients best. Owns their requirements and offers solutions that build confidence and technically very sound.
M.Gledhill, Facilitation Assessor, Group facilitation
Taking the time to think about how I manage myself and my time at work and identifying areas that I can improve in the future. The course enabled me to identify things that I have done in the past that have had a negative impact on my health and wellbeing.
Ministry of Defence participant, Emotional Intelligence
Excellent course leaders – very knowledgeable and thorough.
Ministry of Defence participant, Emotional Intelligence
The course was excellent, both trainers were really knowledgeable. I now have some good techniques for improving my work life balance and thinking about how I can improve being in control of my emotions and more professional within the working environment, I would recommend the course to anyone. Many Thanks!
Ministry of Defence participant, Emotional Intelligence
Every time I have met wth my coach, she has provided the same level of excellence and professionalism, with the ability to make me feel “special” by taking great interest in my situation and naturally and genuinely using great listening skills. As a result I have always felt comfortable to raise concerns and share my thoughts. During the coaching sessions she uses a unique ability of instilling a sense of achievement and an ever increasing sense of awareness of one’s own strength and suitability to a chosen path. This has enabled me to leave the sessions, with a clear purpose for the immediate future and the knowledge of my own self worth.
Peter Mackins, Individual coaching

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