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Bring the best possible you to every situation with authenticity and presence.

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This suite of courses integrates your unique persona, skills and purpose to enable you to bring the best possible you to every situation with authenticity and presence.   Gain personalised insights and actionable tools to impact and influence others and deliver the goods when it really counts, in whatever arena you choose to excel.

Advanced Skills Training Courses

How to inspire, impress and energize everyone you meet

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Charisma is first and foremost about how we make others feel. By making them feel reassured and validated, we also accentuate our own personal brand and promote positive, sustainable long-term relationships.

Our signature, industry-leading Charisma Masterclass is the top personal effectiveness training programme in the UK. It helps you uncover, channel and utilise your latent inner power.

Who it is for: The Charisma Masterclass is uniquely tailored for entrepreneurs, business leaders and high potential professionals.

What you will get out of the day: 

  • Unleash the inner, authentic you
  • Raise your personal and professional reputation
  • Feel at the top of your game
  • Feel strong and enthusiastic inside, when it counts
  • Influence with ease and gain commitment
  • Increase your happiness and psychological wellbeing
  • Inspire others
  • Feel calm – no matter what the situation

Length: 2 days

  • Wed 1st & Thurs 2nd May
  • Thurs 26th & Fri 27th Sept

Workshop Only – £899
Workshop + 3 coaching sessions – £1499
Workshop + 6 coaching sessions – £1799
Breakthrough Day – £3000

Format: Combination of interactive presentation, group discussion, facilitated reflection and action planning together with practical exercises to develop personal presence and impact.


“This is a fantastic session. Richard has delivered it to our entire consulting team. It’s full of highly practical and deeply thought out advice and I consciously use bits of it almost every day.”

Founder of CDO Partners, Morgan McCarthy

“Attending the Charisma Masterclass provided me with the confidence to give my first ever talk to over 150 people”

Deborah J, Lane

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How to inspire, impress and energize everyone you meet…even more!

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Knowledge + purpose + passion (-anxiety) = Gravitas

Charisma Plus – by invitation only

Having mastered the tools of personal excellence and charisma, the next step is their application in the service of meaningful challenges and life goals. This course refines and builds on foundational content using a strengths-based situational appraisal and planning to develop a compelling vision and life compass.

Who it is for: Graduates of our Charisma Masterclass and Foundations of Excellence programmes who want to take it to the next level.

What you will get out of the day: 

  • Deepen your learning and practice from previous courses
  • Insight into your personal strengths and their future application
  • Facilitated time to explore and shape your life mission and vision
  • Awareness of your unique motivational style and its application to goal setting and achievement

Length: 2 days

Workshop Only – £899
Workshop + 3 coaching sessions – £1499
Workshop + 6 coaching sessions – £1799
Breakthrough Day – £3000

Format: Combination of interactive presentation, group discussion, facilitated reflection and action planning.   Delegates are free to share as much or as little of their personal experience and reflection with the group as they feel comfortable.

Course Dates

How do people experience you?  Does the most appropriate version of you or your default persona show up in different situations?  Personal presence starts internally with personal authenticity and compassion to know oneself and is communicated through our physicality, body language, voice, vocabulary and syntax.

Each of these elements is deconstructed and explored through presentation, discussion and practical exercises with an actor and life coach. Delegates will explore their default persona and learn to flex their behaviour to engage authentically in the style most appropriate to each occasion.

Who it is for: People who need a calm, grounded presence;  for whom making a personal impact cannot be left to chance

What you will get out of the day: 

  • Insight into your default persona and situations in which some adaption may be useful
  • Understanding the elements of authenticity and discovery of your authentic self
  • Insight into any tensions between your authentic self and roles which you may play in work and personal arenas
  • A model which you can apply to understand and manage any tensions which may exist in fully being your authentic self
  • Exercises to explore and expand your range of embodied presence
  • Practical techniques for developing a grounded presence and flexing your default persona
  • A personal action plan for practice.

Length: 1 day

Price: £499
Price with Course Plus 3 Coaching Sessions: £999
Price with Course Plus 6 Coaching sessions: £1299

Format: Starting with presentation of theory, group discussion and reflection, this course rapidly evolves into a highly participative environment.  Delegates use techniques from the world of acting to expand the way they present themselves to the world, and practical tools for grounding themselves in everyday life.

Course Dates

How to transform your business by becoming a more authentic leader

Did you know…?

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, on average CEO’s have the lowest EQ scores in the workplace.

This one day interactive course draws on psychology and neuroscience to explore leadership.  Applied skills will enable you to lead more effectively through greater self-awareness and self-management to engender a culture of trust and care within your organization.

Who it is for: Conscious Leadership is ideal for leaders seeking a deeper insight into interpersonal dynamics within the workplace in order to deliver results thought improved understand and connection with their constituents.

What you will get out of the day: 

  • Identification of your default thinking and behavioural patterns
  • Learn how to manage yourself and your team under pressure
  • Interact effectively: listen, respond and connect
  • Strengthen your ability to build relationships
  • Inspire others with authenticity
  • Create a climate for organisational success

Length: 2 days

Price: £899
Price with Course Plus 3 Coaching Sessions: £1499
Price with Course Plus 6 Coaching sessions: £1799

Format: Combination of interactive presentation, group discussion, facilitated reflection and action planning together with practical tools and exercises delegates can apply to the workplace.

Course Dates
Do you ever have to respond to questions for which you have limited or no preparation time, or freeze on your feet in negotiation, networking or social situations? If so, this course is for you. Led by a qualified barrister and psychologist with a decade of experience thinking on his feet in the courtroom, you will learn techniques for expanding your thinking space and managing questions in an assured, engaged manner appropriate to the situation in hand. There will be plenty of time for practice and reflection. The day concludes with action planning to help you embed your learning in your day to day life.

Who it is for: Anyone who needs to be able to respond to questions in a calm, considered and authoritative fashion

What you will learn:  Tools to help you stay calm under pressure; practical techniques to give you time to consider and construct responses relevant to your specific needs.

Length: 1 Day

Format: A mix of interactive teaching and practical application in groups and pairs, with opportunities for one to one feedback from the facilitators.

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Take your presentations to the next level. Whatever the purpose of your presentation, our experienced facilitators, with backgrounds in acting and public speaking will help you to engage your audience and deliver your presentations with energy, authority and impact.

Who it is for: People comfortable making presentations who wish to increase their impact, or present in a new format or context.

What you will learn: 
Preparation skills to help you prepare yourself and your content; how to vary your vocal delivery according to content and audience; using effective body language to reinforce your content, whether static or mobile.

Length: 1 Day

Format: Highly practical workshop, encompassing formal presentation and skills practices with individual feedback

Course Dates
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Course Information

Our guaranteed low facilitator to delegate ratio allows for a personalised approach.  Our lead facilitators are all experienced coaches and psychologists with depth of experience in working with delegates at the most effective point for each individual’s personal growth, both in groups and individually.   This ensures that you leave our courses with new learning, skills and tools that enable you to apply your learning and achieve results specific to the demands of your day to day life and career.

You will receive a resource package of course notes covering course content and templates for practices presented together with recommendations for further reading, videos and other sources of potential interest.

To get the most out of our courses, we recommend considering some individual coaching sessions to help apply your insights and learning in the real world.

We offer both face to face and coaching at discounted rates for our alumni if booked within a month of course completion.

If you have to cancel attendance at a course, under normal circumstances we do not offer a refund for cancellations made within a month of the course date.  In this situation, attendance can be deferred to a future date for the same course or any other course we offer.  If exceptional circumstances apply, cancellations will be considered on an individual basis.   All cancellations must be notified in writing and will be acknowledged promptly.  If you do need to cancel, please ensure that you have received confirmation of the cancellation from us.

All of our open access courses can be delivered in house, and can be further customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  Please contact us to enquire about these options.

I could not have done it without Scott’s training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted.

ML, author

Your training is practical tips from someone that is practical and relevant – and in the real world – that people can use and remember easily.

AD, Chief Executive

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