Coaching and consultancy

Pinnacle’s coaches and consultants bring insights, strategies and techniques honed over many years. They have led successful engagements with leaders, managers and technical experts from a variety of sectors.

We partner with organisations to truly understand their needs and to create bespoke solutions that are ecologically appropriate for that business and its unique sector. We have experience working with corporations, colleges and universities and non-profit agencies. Some of our services include:

  • Career Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Organisational Culture Assessment
  • Talent Management
  • Test and Selection Development
  • Executive Assessment
  • Performance Management Systems

Coaching may also be valuable to support teams when things go wrong. Key areas include:

  • Burnout: Sadly, a significant number of executives experience burnout at some point in their career. Pinnacle has the psychological depth to address mental wellbeing with executives at such a vulnerable time and enable a supported return to full capacity.
  • Conflict & Grievance: Inevitably there are times when conflict between staff or a grievance procedure fragment teams or continue to undermine effective working relationships. In these situations, it is essential to actively manage any underlying or unresolved issues in order restore effective working.

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